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eMarketer's reports explore emerging trends in marketing and how digital technology is transforming marketing organizations through interviews, analysis, charts, forecasts, data and statistics. Identifying the right key performance indicators (KPIs), tracking social data, doing sentiment analysis, ... and collecting and capturing consumer data through critical touchpoints all add up to a smarter marketing department and position companies for future wins. eMarketer's reports, charts, interviews and forecasts provide you with data and insights to answer a variety of questions such as:Show More ▼
  • How can marketers harness digital transformation?
  • How can marketing data inform decisions throughout the organization?
  • What are the trends transforming marketing?



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CMOs Are Becoming More Tech Focused

Oct 09, 2018

According to a new study, CMOs will likely pay more attention to technology strategies and making their interactions more human in the next year.

How Mature Are Marketers' Digital Transformation Efforts?

Sep 19, 2018

Marketers are at different stages of digital transformation—some have the basics down, while others are starting from the ground up. At Dmexco last week, we asked several industry experts about their own efforts. Here's what they said.

How Brands Connect Marketing and Merchandising Data for Real-Time Results

Aug 09, 2018

Jim Hertzfeld, chief strategist at digital agency Perficient Digital, discusses how some brand marketers are connecting marketing data to merchandising data to maximize the value of what's available to them.

Mining Google and Amazon for Search Data Can Lead to Marketing Gold

Aug 09, 2018

Wes MacLaggan, senior vice president of marketing at Marin Software, discusses why marketers need to keep mining search and other types of data to stay competitive.

Why CMOs Are Agonizing Over Data Breaches

Aug 03, 2018

Data breaches are proliferating at a time when marketers are becoming increasingly reliant on user data.