Smartphone Users

Mobile adoption is accelerating around the world, and smartphones are driving a lot of the changes in the ad market, which is why it’s important to track how widespread and how quickly adoption is happening. eMarketer tracks the number of smartphone users worldwide, both by region (Asia-Pacific, ... Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, North America) and by country within those regions. eMarketer reports and forecasts include data and statistics on smartphone penetration and growth, as well as how many smartphone users are also smartphone video viewers, smartphone social media users, mobile-only social media users, smartphone Facebook users, smartphone Twitter users, and smartphone search users. eMarketer’s reports, charts, interviews and forecasts provide you with data and insights to answer a variety of questions such as:Show MoreShow More
  • How many smartphone users are there in the world?
  • How many smartphone users are in the United States?
  • Which country uses the most smartphones?
  • What percentage of the world has a smartphone?