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How Luxury Marketers Use Digital Channels to Reach China’s Affluent

Oct 02, 2018

Consumers in China spent $118.39 billion on luxury goods in 2017, far more than consumers in the US, Europe, Japan or the rest of the world.

Wallets Full, Shoppers Ready to Crank Up Holiday Spend

Sep 20, 2018

With consumer confidence hovering near record highs, consumers are set to bump up their holiday spending this year.

No Retail Tech, Please. We're Affluent

Aug 21, 2018

About one in five affluent consumers in the US make no use of any technology while in stores. That’s right: no price checks on a smartphone while shopping, no taking pictures of products and certainly no mobile payments.

In Europe, Affluent Millennials Are Changing How Luxury Brands Approach Marketing

Jul 10, 2018

The emergence of millennials with significant disposable income is a key demographic trend across Western Europe, and it is already having a dramatic effect.

Treat Yourself: Why Luxury Brands Need to Pay Attention to the Sporadic Shopper

Jul 03, 2018

Ben Whattam, managing and founding partner of Keko London, explains why luxury brands have to break the mold of traditional marketing.

The Luxury Hotel Industry's Slow but Steady Start in Digital

Jul 03, 2018

Brian Gore, director of brand and marketing at The Set Hotels, talks about delivering a better brand experience using digital.