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Listen In: Can B2B Marketers Shift to a 'Mobile First' Mentality?

Jun 16, 2017

Mobile continues to be a challenge for B2B marketers. eMarketer analysts Jillian Ryan and Cathy Boyle discuss the ways that B2B buyers have shifted their behaviors around mobile, and the disconnect that exists between buyers' expectations and the customer experience.

B2B Mobile—How to Effectively Reach the Ever-More Mobile Buyer

Jun 15, 2017

Buyers use their mobile devices as an extension of their desktop, and they expect the journey across all devices to be seamless. Today, B2B companies are hoping to meet this evolution in device behavior by reframing their mobile strategy in a variety of ways.Topics in this webinar include: How B2B buyers have shifted their behaviors around mobile; What disconnect exists today between buyers’ expectations and the customer experience; Why mobile should no longer be treated as a single channel; More key trends to consider for the year like app development, mobile commerce and sales enablement.

Mobile Usage Among B2B Buyers Expected to Grow

Jan 12, 2017

As mobile use continues to rise, mobile devices are no longer a secondary consideration for buyers or their work.

B2B Companies Paying More Attention to Mobile

Dec 22, 2016

Russell Glass, vice president of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, spoke with eMarketer about how B2Bs can make the most of mobile marketing.