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Customer Experience Execs Adapting to Millennial Expectations

Aug 15, 2018

Millennials have been the focus of advertisers, retailers and media for over a decade. Marketers are recognizing this massive shift, but not all are capable of meeting the expectations of younger consumers.

The Impact of Product Recommendations

Aug 14, 2018

User-generated ratings and reviews are a known confidence-builder among online shoppers. But retailer product recommendations can also affect decision making—to a larger degree than you might think.

How Legacy Systems Stifle Marketing Analytics

Aug 01, 2018

Old tech and organizational structures make life difficult for marketers who want to utilize user data in novel ways.

Customer Experience—Driving Engagement with Data, Analytics and AI

Jul 31, 2018

eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin breaks down the current state of customer-centricity and common pitfalls for marketers to avoid, and offers tips on how to provide more holistic omnichannel experiences.

Brands Need to Diversify Their Loyalty Strategy or Risk Being Left Behind

Jul 24, 2018

Michela Baxter, senior director of loyalty at HelloWorld, discusses how brands can move away from the old notions of loyalty programs and meet new consumer expectations.

Loyalty Programs Depend on Data, and Getting Data Depends on Trust

Jul 24, 2018

Guy Cierzan, executive vice president and managing director at ICF Olson, explains how brands can build consumer trust and strengthen their loyalty programs as a result.

Shoppers Prefer a Mix of Human and AI Assistance

Jul 10, 2018

Consumers still have some reservations about retail tech—like chatbots providing customer service or in-home voice assistants suggesting products—so it makes sense that many are more receptive to a combination of AI-assisted and human interactions. But transparency is key: Shoppers want to know if they’re dealing with a human or a computer.

Happiness Is Finalizing that Online Purchase

Jul 02, 2018

A recent survey by Rokt found that US digital buyers are happiest once the buying experience is over. Going through the checkout process is another story.

Can Emerging Tech Help with Consumers' High Expectations?

Jul 02, 2018

Shoppers have lofty expectations for companies to recognize them across channels and provide personalized experiences. But according to a MuleSoft survey of internet users worldwide, there is room for improvement on this front; 81% said organizations provide a disconnected experience.

How In-Store Tech Bugs Impact Sales

Jul 02, 2018

As in-store tech becomes widespread, some glitches are bound to occur. But how many and how often?