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How B2Bs Can Build the Loyalty Program That's Right for Them

Oct 26, 2018

Rewards-based programs are not just for consumer-facing companies anymore. McKinsey & Company's Jennifer Stanley believes B2B organizations can greatly benefit from adopting these programs to retain customer loyalty.

How Lowe’s Approaches Audience Verification

Oct 05, 2018

Ryan Fagan, director of sales and operations planning at Lowe’s, spoke about how the home-improvement brand overhauled the way it verifies which customers are eligible for discounts.

It Takes More Than Rewards to Build Loyalty

Sep 18, 2018

Building loyalty has long been a marketing goal, but loyalty programs don't always work for retention. When it comes to creating loyalty, products matter most, according to a new study.

What Makes Consumers Loyal to Brands?

Sep 17, 2018

When a consumer finds a product they like, they tend to become repeat customers. However, a recent survey found that some consumers—particularly Gen Z and millennials—are not always ready to commit to one product.

How to Turn Millennials into Repeat Shoppers? Give Them Free Stuff.

Sep 10, 2018

According to a May 2018 survey from Dotcom Distribution, something as small as a free sticker can leave an impression—and not only make them more likely to make future purchases, but to also recommend that brand to others.

Marketers, You're Probably Not Paying Enough Attention to Mobile Wallets

Aug 14, 2018

Personalized messages, geolocated notifications, loyalty programs—all are available via mobile passes in wallets.

Mobile Wallets Are Now a Full-Fledged Marketing Channel

Aug 10, 2018

Danny Ackerman, senior director of platform at Urban Airship, talks about how marketers should be using mobile wallet passes to connect with customers.