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How The GDPR Helps Consent Management Platforms

Oct 15, 2018

About one-third of publishers are using CMPs to collect and store their user consent data in an attempt to avoid fines for data misuse.

How Snapchat Users Shop

Oct 15, 2018

Social media is hardly synonymous with shopping, but that hasn't stopped social platforms from positioning themselves as pseudo-retailers.

The Mattress Podcast

Oct 15, 2018

First books, now … mattresses? Amazon and a host of new brands are shaking up the mattress industry and remaking the customer journey. eMarketer’s Andrew Lipsman lays out the facts and data.

More Consumers Plan to Shop Online for Black Friday Deals

Oct 11, 2018

Nearly half of US internet users surveyed by Periscope By McKinsey said they plan to shop for Black Friday deals online.

Discount Seekers Increasingly Rely on Mobile

Oct 11, 2018

Everyone knows shoppers love discounts, but how do they find them and which channels do they prefer?

Holiday Shoppers Choose the Same Stores Online and Offline

Oct 10, 2018

Consumer sentiment indicates that shoppers are feeling flush this holiday season. More are confident about the economy and plan to up their gift spending this year. According to a September 2018 Field Agent study, US holiday shoppers said they would spend more in all holiday categories, including gifts, groceries for meals and decorations.

Premium Pet Food Drives Sales

Oct 09, 2018

US spending on pet care continues to rise. Why? Pet food trends follow human fancies, which means a growing focus on wellness that has extended to furry members of the family.

Mcommerce Is the Path to Profits with Holiday Sales Expected to Surge 32%

Oct 08, 2018

For the 2018 holiday season, eMarketer expects total US retail sales to grow 4.1% to $986.8 billion, with ecommerce jumping 16.2% to $123.4 billion.

Shared Beliefs Spur Buying Behavior

Oct 08, 2018

If you think consumers want brands to be neutral on social issues, you would be wrong. Belief-driven buyers—consumers who choose, switch, avoid or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues—are the majority in 2018.

The Weekly Listen: Facebook's Security Breach, Amazon Increases Minimum Wage, and a Presidential Alert

Oct 07, 2018

Every week on eMarketer’s “Behind the Numbers” podcast, we take a few minutes to discuss some of the most intriguing headlines of the past seven days. This week, some of the topics we’re talking about include a security breach at Facebook that exposed roughly 50 million accounts and how Amazon has increased its minimum wage to $15 an hour.